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LAPA SERVICE (LAPA) Surveyors and Claims Adjusters

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LAPA surveyors deliver high quality services in supervising and liquidating insured accidents for insurance and other companies not only on local market but also abroad. Especially they control costs (assistance at problematic loading and/or unloading), inspect damaged or destroyed goods, and crashed vehicles in central Europe.

Further more our surveyors inspect and liquidate occurrence of losses covered by damage liability (motor third-party liability and motor vehicle damage) insurance. LAPA also offers liquidation of property damages, industrial damages, including business interruption, damages covered by insurance of persons, employers’ liability, product liability, construction defect, aviation liability, damages to health.

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LAPA surveyors are using standard software for electronic communication, including encrypted protocol. We are able to send and process all standard data formats.

Global Network

LAPA is a member of a global network of surveyors and loss adjusters, which has its agents all over the world. All members are reputable professionals and considering the quality, reputation and their social status they belong among the top experts in the field. LAPA is in affiliation with McLarens Young International and Global Claims Services.



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Liquidation of insured accidents
We liquidate insured accidents of all kinds of costs; we communicate with consignees and we are able to arrange relevant financial compensation.

Surveyor services

  • includes inspection of consignments (both preventive and ex post), inspection of stores, quality and quantity control, control of loading, unloading, cargo safety fixture, controlling assistance at loading oversize cargo
  • investigation in case of lost or theft
  • minimization of damage and prevention of occurrence of consequential losses
  • sale of devaluated goods in auctions or sale on web sites.

Elaboration of surveyor certificates
... based on which an insurance company grants financial compensation/insurance benefit; these documents describe the nature, extent and relevant cause of a loss.

Regression services (compensation/sanctions)
.... ensuring recovery of claims of insurance companies from liable third parties.

Translation and interpreting activities
.... in the field of insurance and international transportation only.