Minimization of losses, prevention of sequential losses, and realization of exploitable remains

Ilustrační foto LAPA gives a special attention to this area. In cooperation with the damaged party and the insurer it tries to help to minimize amounts of occurred losses. We discuss different alternative solutions for the consequences of loss events with the damaged party to minimize them (a use of methods of sanitation, decontamination, possibilities and ways of substitution of operation breakdowns etc.). Precautionary measures are suggested and introduced to lower risks of a rise of losses or to minimize their extent and amount.

In the perception of our company the liquidation of a loss event is a continual process, during which it is necessary to react lively on outstanding issues. Every loss is an original event and therefore it is always necessary to consider all its circumstances (causes and extent of loss, type of damage, type of damaged subject, actual situation on the market, real possibilities of compensation, etc.) and decide about optimal steps to be taken to liquidate it.