Ilustrační foto LAPA – a strong and stable company, which operates in the Central European market as a loss adjuster and property appraiser.

Our specialities are industry and business losses, damage or destruction of both movable and immovable assets and business interruption losses.

Ilustrační foto Our cooperation with renowned insurers, brokers and many multinational companies says a lot about the quality of our services. Our company has no proprietary or other links to insurance companies, reinsurance companies, banks or other institutions; which is a guarantee of our independence. LAPA has created and uses methodical processes for individual kinds of loss events; all company activities are carried out in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

LAPA offers fast and fully professional services in the sphere of loss adjustment and property appraisal, which is focused on evaluating the cause of the losses and calculating the damage in accordance with relevant policies.

Our LAPA team consists of experienced adjusters and professionals who have valuable experience in claims adjusting. The LAPA team includes experts who were appointed by the Minister of Justice or by the chairs of various regional courts.

LAPA offers a hot line intended for receiving requests for inspections at the location of loss 24 hours a day (for more see section Contacts). AIf required, a preliminary estimation of the loss can be made after the inspection. This estimation can be helpful when setting a loss reserve or can be used as basis for decision making about the amount of an adequate loss reserve.

Declaration of Independence, Objectivity and Impartiality

LAPA creates expert reports which are controlled by both loss adjuster and senior loss adjuster.

LAPA uses a two-level control system which secures objectivity and impartiality and guarantees the quality of the estimation of loss. LAPA declares that it has no obligations that could compromise its independence or impartiality. The company is not owned in whole or in part by any broker company, insurance company or reinsurance company.