Liquidation of insured accidents

Ilustrační foto LAPA provides a complex offer of services while handling and liquidating of insured events. The company executes independent documentations of losses and needed inspections, minutes taking and negotiations with the damaged party included. The company takes steps to determinate the cause of a loss, to calculate the amount of a loss and to consider the event in relation to the policy and insurance clauses.

In the case of a business interruption loss LAPA recommends optimal steps to prevent or minimize consequential losses to the party (effective expenditure of additional costs, recommendation of a technologic or technical character, determination of a critical way etc.). To reach this ability the company uses both its good knowledge of the local environment and market and the collaboration with top experts in different fields of knowledge.

The employees of the company appreciate the responsibility they have and therefore they try to find an optimal solution in every moment of the liquidation of a loss event procedure.

A concrete member of LAPA team works on a claimed loss. He has the role of loss adjuster and he is observed and collaborates with the senior loss adjuster. A standard process of solving a loss is guaranteed in this way as well as the two-level check of work and results of investigation.

In cases of extent loss events a loss adjuster sets together a team of experts from different fields of knowledge, which solves the subject loss event or answers stated questions. An expert report is a result of the work of LAPA team. It summarizes all information gained during the investigation and gives an overall report about the results of the investigation.

The Company solves in particular:

Losses cause by natural disasters (fire, flood, lightning, etc.)

Photo illustration LAPA team has experiences with solving losses of natural hazard insurance at both entrepreneurs and households. When it comes to extent floods or huge industrial accidents, there arise losses, at which many expert questions have to be answered.

Members of LAPA team and collaborating experts are able to solve losses not only in the field of light engineering, energetics, vehicle and aircraft engineering, chemical industry, foodstuff industry but also in other fields of our economy; they are able to answer also to individual expert questions considering these fields.



Losses on machinery and equipment, technological entities – all-risk insurance


Photo illustration Members of LAPA team have solved hundreds of losses on different machinery and equipment. When assessing the amount of loss we follow particular policies and policy clauses.

The profitability of a repair is viewed and we observe thoroughly that only costs, which were spent in causality with the damage, were involved in the enumeration.

Members of LAPA team have above basics experiences with solving and assessing losses on complex technological units. We have experiences with assessing losses on machinery, whose production was ceased and where it was difficult to set the price of repair. We always pay attention to a real evaluation of remains and in collaboration with our partners we are able to organize realization of these remains.

Business interruption or restriction losses

Photo illustration

LAPA team solves successfully business interruption or restriction losses. LAPA team is prepared to come immediately at the place of loss and to help the damaged party to take necessary steps to restart full operation or reduce losses from business interruption.

We have learned from our experiences that the most efficient actions at extent losses are those, which are taken in first days of the loss. Therefore it is vital to take necessary steps in the first 24 hours after the loss arose.
It is necessary to make decision about:

  • composition of a crises staff and demarcation of competence
  • urgent refurbishing and protection of damaged things
  • process of repair of damaged things (by own employees or external companies)
  • arranging a delivery of spare material resources, media and half-finished products
  • defining of a critical path and repair of the most important parts
  • minimization of impact of the damage on the society.

It is necessary to view the profitability of actions taken in every stage of solving the damage in relation with both the company management as well as with the extent of the policy cover. Work on this type of losses includes also a check on effective spending of costs, work with actuarial documents, determining the trend in incomes and development of the damaged party, etc.

Technical Construction insurance losses

Photo illustration We carry out a technical construction survey to find out the cause of the rise of a loss and subsequently in relation to the extent of damage and available technology for repair we determine an assessment list of damaged constructions.

The costs for return of a built structure back into its former shape are furthermore enumerated with help of generally recognized calculation programmes.


Losses on goods and reserves, losses on movable assets

Photo illustration Members of LAPA team have solved thousands of losses on different kind of movable assets, goods and reserves.

A big advantage of LAPA team is the usage of required number of employees to document the loss into sizeable groups of movable assets (losses in big storehouses, industrial companies, centres of logistics and supermarkets).


Photo illustration We have experiences with supervising stocktaking after loss events. The goods are sorted into destroyed, damaged and undamaged under the supervision of a member of the LAPA team.

We offer to our clients a fully professional service when assessing such losses, the aim of which is to determine the amount of loss.


Photo illustration Members of the LAPA team have experiences not only with assessing losses on ordinary goods but also on specific products of many fields (lets mention e.g. IT components, medical supplies and aids, electro components, industrial products etc.).

We can evaluate the remains and in collaboration with our partners we are able to arrange realization of the remains.


Losses on agricultural and foodstuff machinery

Photo illustration LAPA team solves losses on special agricultural and foodstuff machines. We have a wide baseline of collaborating experts not only in Czech Republic but also in other countries.

Our colleague, Prof. Ing. J. Marecek, DrSc., belongs among the top experts in this field, he is a member of many convocations and grant teams.


Crop losses, losses on agricultural products and foodstuff

Photo illustration Thanks to the cooperation with experts from MZLU Brno and recognized laboratories we are able to carry out estimations of damage on agricultural products, crops and foodstuff.

Those can be losses caused by natural forces, vehicles accidents, mistakes in production process or storage (violation of product quality causing liability losses), violation of generally binding rules and public notices. We can arrange the realization of remains with our partners.


Losses on degradation of quality or contamination of foodstuff

Photo illustration Together with our collegagues and contracted laboratories we are able to determine the course of degradation curves and depending on the condition of reviewed crop to determine the extent of damage.

We carry out controls of foodstuff contamination by unfavourable admixtures and evaluation of their impact on foodstuff obnoxiousness and therefore the amount of loss. We advise steps to minimize losses, highly evaluated are our advices considering minimization of lossses on foodstuff that turns bad quickly. In cooperation with our partners we arrange realization of remains.


Losses on household, family houses and other immovables assets

Photo illustration The damage is calculated in market or time prices according to the database of URS Prague or other databases related to the day of the rise of a loss.

We offer a possible revision of a claim of damaged parties – passing judgment on the cause of a loss and necessity of repairs are made, reassessment of budgets and calculations, checking of measurements list of damaged constructions, which was handed over by the damaged party.

When needed we can check the insurance value for all types of immovable and movable assets.


Transportation losses and losses on vehicles

Photo illustration LAPA team offers a quick investigation by the surveyor. The surveyor has needful knowledge of transportation losses, and he is able to solve the loss with his colleagues from LAPA team directly on the spot or at the premises of a receiver of a shipment or in a bonded stock.

In the case that the receiver of a shipment refuses to overtake it we help to arrange its sale or transport back to a producer or for a repair.


Photo illustration LAPA solves losses also for foreign insurance companies and foreign surveyors. Thanks to our contacts abroad we are able to solve losses also outside the area of Czech republic.



Environmental losses and ecological accident

Photo illustration We take up samples and determine an extent of contamination in cooperation with accredited laboratories. We assess the amount of loss in respect to the policy and General insurance terms.

Members of LAPA team can determine the cause of the rise of loss, consider the impact on the environment and suggest preventive and corrective steps.


Losses on insured liability and professional responsibility

Photo illustration We assess losses in market price. In the case of repair of a thing we always consider if there happened an appreciation or depreciation of the thing by the repair.

We carry out investigation of liability losses for defects on products, professional responsibility and we provide information that can be used to claim possible regresses.


Losses on liability for defects on products

Photo illustration These losses belong among the most complicated ones. It is necessary to determine the exact cause of the rise of a loss, to consider a causality between a defect and a damage on other things (to determine what a defect product damages and what is the financial impact on the consumer).

When assessing the loss the members of LAPA team always consider the value of things, which a defect product damaged, in a current (market) price. Price of a defect product and costs on its repair are usually excluded from the assessment.


Losses on insured electronics

Photo illustration Our specialists on electronic systems and IT are able to determine an objective amount of loss and recommend effective steps to minimize losses.

We can recount the insurance money, recommend implementation of additional protection systems, in cooperation with our partners we arrange the realization of remains. We have experiences with extent losses of big warehouses with IT components and we master the procedures of solving such losses.


Losses on objects d'art and historic sights

Photo illustration Members of LAPA team have experience with enumerating losses on objects d'art, antiques and historic sights. In cooperation with our experts we are able to appraise the value of stolen paintings and antiques.

Damages on historic sights, which were caused by fire, water from pipeline or flood, are very specific. We have experiences with assessment of such specific damages too.


Losses to aircrafts

Ilustrační fotoMembers of the LAPA team are also aeronautical specialists (aeronautical engineer, pilot and flight instructor) with the experience in aircraft (especially sport and small transport airplanes) losses investigation including UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - drones). These losses investigation is conducted in cooperation with competent national authorities and specialized workplaces.